Su-Wen and Andrew’s Wedding

I can’t believe it was ‘just’ 5 years ago that Su-Wen was a bridesmaid in our wedding! Su-Wen and Drew’s wedding was a blast, they really knew how to throw a party and be such hospital hosts at their own wedding throughout the whole celebration. I wasn’t officially photographing at all, just a friend with a camera, poking through other heads occasionally at the last minute. You’ll be able to see that in the ceremony photos especially, but it’s Su-wen, so I love the feel of what it looked like from a guest’s point of view as well.

For as long as I’ve known Su-Wen, she’s consistently been such an awesome friend. She’s a totally cool person that no one could possibly not get along with, fun, and so unfocused on herself…unselfish and giving. Just as a simple example, Su’s plans for the day before the wedding were to take her guests visiting from Japan out to tour San Francisco and entertain them all day and into the evening the day and night before her wedding! I still remember that the day before our wedding, Su was cleaning my bathroom so that we could get ready the next morning in a clean bathroom. Wow, it must’ve been pretty dirty too for her to suggest such a thing ;P

So I’m so excited to finally get to share a few photos from their wedding. Everything about their venue was so perfect. Palmdale Estates in Fremont… It was beautiful. I also enjoyed how the dancing was held in a separate room because that way all the energy and fun was focused in the room. I particularly thought that was such a great idea and it was really fun. Congratulations Su and Drew! =)

Here’s their slideshow! It’s most of their photos so grab a cup of coffee but watch out they can zoom by pretty fast at times!
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And some highlights…

Coming out from hiding…Mr. and Mrs.!

Su-Wen’s dad’s moment :)

The dancing begins…

So cute, so happy!…

It was SUCH a CUTE, Crazy, amazing moment when Drew’s grandfather started dancing to an upbeat song…

This family was so cute when they were dancing together because their daughter was having SO MUCH fun. I was dying to capture the happiness…

Flower girls always get to get in on the fun too!

Last dance…this is exactly how I fondly remember the night! :)

If you’d like to see all the rest or see them slower, or saw any photos that you’d like to get a copy of, go to their photo gallery Here and then message me or leave me a comment that you’d like access to photos. : ) I’ll be happy to get them to you.

September 5, 2008 - 1:49 pm

Anonymous - some beautiful images there!

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