Hi! We’re Liz and Timon Wang, and we’re based in sunny Los Angeles, CA but travel worldwide.  For personal reasons we are taking on very select engagements for 2014-15, but drop us a note as we would love to assist with your wedding in any way we can.  Email Timon@lizwangphotography.com for more information on availability.  If you’re a family looking for a fun, timeless photo collection, contact Liz and Liz@lizwangphotography.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Cherene + Albert – Villa Del Sol d’Oro | Pasadena Wedding Photographer

There’s just so much to say and show about this gorgeous library-themed wedding at Villa Del Sol D’Oro.  It’s a bit of a longer post, but I promise it’s worth it, there’s so much goodness to be seen.  These two had planned this day for months, following their courthouse wedding last year.  From the groom’s spry Air Force blues to each carefully planned detail, this wedding was a perfect fit for three (yes, they had a welcome little guest attending the wedding), and they topped it off with cute announcement on their library-themed reception table cards (designed by the groom).  We were so thankful to shoot again at what is fast becoming one of our favorite wedding venues…we hope you get a glimpse into the magic of this wedding.  Congratulations Cherene and Albert!

los angeles wedding bouquetvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-02villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-03villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-04sierra madre library themed wedding creative ringburlap rose embelishment on flower girl basket- pasadena weddinglos angeles photojournalistic wedding photographervilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-10villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-11villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-12villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-13villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-14villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-15library-themed wedding in pasadena photographyvilla del sol blue bridal getting roomvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-18l.a. flower girl dress and cute basketthe men getting ready at villa del solvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-22l.a. photographer groom getting ready with bowtieadorable ringbearer, pasadena weddingvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-25air force groom wedding photographyvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-27villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-29villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-30pasadena wedding photographerlibrary theme card ring shotvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-34villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-35villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-37villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-38villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-39sierra madre villa del sol sessionvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-42villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-44creative way to ask family and friends to sit during weddingl.a. wedding photography ring bearer boy with here comes the bride signvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-47villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-48villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-49villa del soro wedding ceremony photography with seated guestsvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-51villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-52confetti thrown during wedding ceremony kissconfetti wedding exit at the altarvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-55villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-56here comes the bridevilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-58villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-59villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-62villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-63villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-64villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-65l.a. bridal table floral arrangementlos angeles wedding cocktail hour photographyvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-69svilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-71villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-73villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-74villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-75villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-77villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-78los angeles wedding photojournalismvilla-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-81villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-82villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-84villa-del-sol-pasadena-wedding-photography-85villa del sol, sierra madre wedding night shot

February 13, 2014 - 11:03 pm

Cherene Tao - These are beautiful Timon and Liz! You did an amazing job capturing our special day. =)

February 14, 2014 - 3:31 am

Marnie Tao - Gorgeous!

Priscilla + Edwin – Hakone Gardens + St Luke’s Lutheran Wedding | San Jose Photographer

We’re so excited to share with you some highlights from a wedding in Cupertino over the holidays.  It’s always an interesting experience balancing family and holidays with travel and photography, but this wedding just fit really well since we were also able to see family while up north.  But by the end of the week, we were definitely ready to head home and sleep in our own bed and blast the heater!  But getting a chance to get to know Priscilla and Edwin’s family the morning of the wedding, it just felt like home.  Everyone was so hospitable- they fed us so well, made us feel like part of the family, and we even left with a few recipes from Priscilla’s mom.  Timon had the chance to meet up with P&E for a late Sunday brunch a few months back at the Viceroy in Santa Monica to prep for the wedding, and we knew already this was going to be a great experience.  These two are so easy going, laid back, and kind hearted.  We were hoping for a warm day…the weather did oblige for part of the day, and we did get some sun early on.  But even as the sun dropped below the mountain, these two continued to shine…hope you enjoy this small preview of their wedding!


St-LukeHakone-Gardens-BrideSan-Jose-Wedding-PhotographerHakone-Gardens-PhotographerHakone-Gardens-Wedding-PhotographerCupertino-Wedding-PhotographerSan-Jose-Wedding-PhotographerHakone-Gardens-BridgeVenue: St Luke’s Lutheran in Sunnyvale, CA/ Design, Styling + Planning by the Bride/ Hair + Makeup: Anna Nguyen Florist: Jennie Doan from Love Life & Bloom (some flowers designed by the bride) / Desserts: Fleur de Cocoa / Whole Foods / Ranch 99 (cake) / Dress, Tux, Feather Hairpiece + Veil, Jewelry: Dress by Melissa Sweet (David’s Bridal) / Sweetheart table chairs and backdrops: Chair Divas / Reception: Joy Luck Palace

Crystal Cathedral Wedding | Garden Grove Wedding Photographer

Growing up, did you ever ask your parents why you weren’t at their wedding?  I think it’s a logical question for a young child to ask.  But what a certain special family did with that question is the story I have to tell.  I still remember hearing Hazel recount for me the reasons why she wanted to do this, to have a vow renewal ceremony so their son could see their love and commitment, and fulfill his wish to be a part of their ceremony.  It was fitting that it was held at a Crystal Cathedral, in the year of the crystal (15 year anniversary), and that it happened to be on little E.J.’s birthday.  To be invited into this precious moment in this family’s life, where a young boy got to see his parents demonstrate their love and commitment to one another was a special experience.  We hope you will enjoy seeing their story.


October 22, 2013 - 3:23 am

Claudia Anaya - You did such a great job capturing the love this couple have for each other! Something I will strive for in my marriage =) beautiful picture’s!!!

October 23, 2013 - 12:44 am

Sbst'an Rhine - Congrats Joey & Zel! God bless you with more fruitful years…

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